Angels at the Comfort House

I became aware of the Comfort House when Betty,a close friend, was a resident.   She had terminal cancer and had no one to care for her at home.  Her doctor suggested that she go to the Comfort House there in McAllen where she lived.  She was given the front bedroom with a large window and was made comfortable.  Betty was an artist and she had one of her beautiful pictures hung in her room – it still remains in that room even though she has been gone for many years. 

The Comfort House welcomes persons regardless of race, faith, persuasion or economic status. Generally, residents are admitted when they no longer seek a medical cure and their life expectancy is less than four months.   There are many angels that volunteer to help at the Comfort House.

Donations are the primary support of the organization – that is where my angel pins come in.   I furnish the angel pins in memory of my friend and the Comfort House sells them year round to help  pay expenses.  It is an honor and I am blessed to be a small part of this organization.

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I Met God

My little country church

When growing up, I attended a small rural church in East Texas and it was there that I learned about God.   My earliest recollection of my Bible teachers were in the little country church where I spent the first 18 years of my life.  I remember Mrs. Polk and others who taught me as a child bringing the Bible stories to life using the old flannel board for illustrations.  For as long as I can remember, I have known about Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus, Moses and the bulrushes, Daniel and the lions den, Jonah and the whale,  Jacob’s ladder,  and on and on.  I learned the books of the Bible by heart and won most of the Bible drills.  I memorized Bible verses such as the Lord’s Prayer, John 3:16, and the 23rd Psalm.

At age 12 in a Sunday night service, I felt the Holy Spirit working in my heart. When I asked Him to come into my life and to forgive my sins He filled my empty heart with an outpouring of His love and left His spirit to dwell within me forever.   He wants to do the same for you.

As an adult, one of my Bible teachers was Dr. Henderson, who was my pastor and friend.  He taught me how to apply  the Bible teachings to everyday life.  All of these wonderful teachers are now among the heavenly host of angels but had a profound effect on the people they touched.

Throughout the years,  God’s Love and Spirit has sustained me through the twists and turns in my life giving me support, assurance, inspiration, and guidance – my life line to God.

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Angels among us

My guardian angel

Guardian angels – who are they?  I believe we have earthly guardian angels as well as heavenly guardian angels.   Our guardian angel could be a caregiver, a friend, a neighbor, a spouse, a parent, a child and the list goes on.

I have had some major surgeries in my life and my husband who took wonderful care of me was indeed my guardian angel.

When my mother was fighting the cancer battle, my sister took care of her, sleeping in her room, giving her the morphine shots every 4 hours, spending days upon days at the hospital.  She even remodeled her home so mother could have her own “space”, and did everything possible to makehercomfortable – my sister was a guardian angel!

My sister-in-law lost one of her daughters to cancer a few years ago – she was her daughter’s guardian angel.  She not only was with her daughter through every step of the illness, and although grieving inside, she did everything in her power to make her daughter comfortable, attending to her physical and mental needs, and raising her two children.  I know she was a guardian angel.

Then, who are our heavenly guardian angels?  For me, the guardian angels reveal themselves in what I call my heart tugs.  One example is when my youngest granddaughter was in the hospital with severe dehydration plus other complications and I was driving the 400 miles to get to her and praying all the way.  A peace came over me reminding me that someone greater than myself was in control.  I believe that was my guardian angel looking over me as I made that trip safely and over my granddaughter as she recovered.

I believe our guardian angels are always with us and we only need to have an accepting awareness  to discover them in our daily lives.  I read a poem once about Where are you God?  In the poem each time a prayer request was made, it  was answered in an unexpected way.  I hope that I am never too busy to hear when God answers and my guardian angel gives me that little heart tug.


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Honoring my brother, Norris

My oldest brother, Norris Lynn, has always been special. He is 5 years older than me and was my idol growing up (still is). He had a vision very early of what he wanted to be when he grew up – he wanted to be a mechanical engineer. His determination and laser focus kept him on track to his goal.

Although we were born into a family of wealth – wealthy in love and support that is, there was no money to pursue his dreams.  That did not stop him – he did not even consider the lack of finances an obstacle. Instead, he worked jobs from fuller brush salesman to carpenter helper.  During the summer after his high school graduation, he was working when he became very ill.  It was 1952 when polio was rampant and he contracted the disease.  He was in the hospital for several weeks and the polio affected his respiratory system and his right arm. Since he was right handed, he learned to write with his left hand and although he lost a year of school, he never lost his vision.

He rode the bus to Tyler Junior College and back (about 60 miles away)everyday for two years, working at night and on weekends. He always made excellent grades and wanted to pursue his education at Texas Tech University in Lubbock after completing the 2 years at Tyler Junior College.

His halo was tarnished a little in my sight when he fell in love with our preacher’s daughter and married before he left for Lubbock. I loved his wife but I missed his attention – yes, I was jealous. Things were never the same again but as I grew up, I found out that life is constant change.  In my little sheltered world at that time, I did not want it to change.

None the less, Norris and Phyllis went to Lubbock. He found work with an engineering firm and worked his way through Texas Tech.  He later bought one of the companies he worked for during those years and now has a thriving business- Fanning and Fanning Consulting Engineers with our brother, John, as a partner and his two sons as engineers. He has held many positions in the civic community and has received many awards for his service.  http://www.fanningfanning.com

He has always been active in his church and God has been his strength and guide throughout his life.  He is a living example that with God anything is possible.

Norris had a dream and in achieving that dream, he taught me a valuable lesson – keeping God in the center, anything is possible if you want it bad enough and are willing to work to make it happen.

I love him – he is my idol.  I honor him as my angel here on earth.

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Angels honoring angels

The heart of Angels by Rosemary centers around designing angel pins in honor and in memory of special people.  The majority of my designs have been in memory of loved ones of all ages and walks of life.  I even published a book, Angels Tucked in My Heart featuring some of the angels that were designed in memory of departed loved ones.  I continue to design angels every day and feel so humble as the requests come in.  What a blessing to have a part in preserving memories by creating  special customized angels for those precious individuals.

There are many angels still living here on earth that have earned their wings.  I was born into a family of wealth – wealthy in love.  My mother and father provided for me both physically and spiritually.  Their love was unconditional – they were my living angels.  What a shock when I realized all families were not like mine.  I would like to focus on designing angels in honor of those that are still living as well as those who have departed.

I hope to write blogs about living angels in the near future so stay tuned.  If you have a special living angel, please send me your story.


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Light a Candle

One of the reasons and the heart of “Angels by Rosemary” centers around  designing angels  in  honor or in memory of your friends and family.

Over the last 15 years I have designed hundreds of angels for many of your departed loved ones.  Your requests and responses have made me humble, brought tears to my eyes and a resolve to continue.  This year I wanted to design an angel specifically to remember those who are only with us in spirit.  I have chosen a simple angel holding a candle because lighting a candle is a symbol of hope and remembrance. The heart will be engraved with the name of your loved one and the halo is a turquois crystal representing the December birth of our Saviour long ago.


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Christmas Angels

Every year I design a  host of new Christmas angels and this is the first one for 2010.  Christmas is my favorite holiday and angels make the perfect gift for everyone.  I love to keep them in my purse and give them to those I meet that need an angel. 

Here are just a few of the comments I received from those who have received my angels.  They touch my heart and encourage me.

I received my Angel Order yesterday and the angels were beautiful. I have already given two of them to friends who loved them as well. You do a great job and the presentation of the angel in the organza bag just beautiful

 just received the angel pin.  It’s beautiful.  My very dear friend is having major surgery within the next few weeks.  I wanted her to have her angel to watch over her. 

Receive my angel pins today. They are beautiful more beautiful than I expected to be.
Thank you again,
My MOM will love them !

I received my Patrick angels today and they are perfect!  Thank you so much. You are really making a difference in the lives of those of us who are finding our way through grief. I know this will help me greatly. 

Well, you did it again….What a beautiful angel that you made.  I can’t be any happier.  The nurse that is going to receive it, will really love it.

I received my angels and they are BEAUTIFUL … Exquisite …. I even ordered 10 more … Your work is so beautiful … I know I am going to be ordering more …. as I have so many friends to give them to …. thank you so much for doing what you do … it is another beautiful way to honor our loved ones … I will surely be in touch…